Meet the Staff

  • Lead pastor: 

    josh & stacey plaisance


  • Outreach & Youth Pastor: matthew sullivan


    Ignited. United. Compelled. 

    For as long as I have been serving the Lord, these three words have continued to be the cry of my heart for all that I do. First off, I strive to be an ignition to my surroundings for the Gospel. Second, I strive to be a unifying figure everywhere I go, taking seriously Paul’s command to live at peace with all people, as far as it depends on me (Romans 12:18). Lastly, I strive to have a heart motivated by the lost. In the words of the old Casting Crowns song, “If we are His body, why aren’t His arms reaching…” I am the hands and feet of Christ, and therefore it is my job to reach out to my community, my fellow Kettering Assembly members, and to the ends of the world and serve.


    I was saved at a very early age, baptized in water at the age of 10, and baptized in the Holy Spirit at the age of 13. I began serving in Ignited Youth Ministries in 2018 and began as the Youth Pastor in 2019. In addition to the Youth group, I began serving as the Kettering Assembly Community Pastor in 2020. It has been my desire to see young people empowered by the Holy Spirit as well as develop that intimate relationship with the Lord. In addition, I love to empower the church to fulfill the command of Christ to “Go,” not to be pew warmers or ineffective Christians but fire starters for Christ and to see our community come to God!


  • Family & Children Pastor: Tom & Kelly Nunley


    I was saved in Feb. of 2007, baptized in May and baptized in the Holy Spirit in June of that year as well.  

    Kelly & I have been married since 2008.  I earned my ordination in 2020. My passion is to see Kids get plugged-In, grow and on fire for Jesus. 

    I am an avid outdoors man, who loves to hunt and fish, I enjoy target shooting and sporting clays and spending time with my family and friends.


    I believe that church should be a place that kids would choose to come to if it were left up to them, and with that in mind, I do everything I can to make kids' services fun while still making sure kids get a healthy dose of Biblical teaching. To reach the students of today where they are, and bring them to the life changing news of the Gospel. To disciple them so they can live the victorious life, empowered by the Holy Spirit.  To show students that they can lean on Jesus as a friend and guide in everyday life. To encourage families to be strongholds and lighthouses in a world which needs Jesus.


  • office administrator: 

    Amy Clack


  • Financial Office:

    Susan Huelsman


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